Improved communication

Workflow, conversations and files in one place, so you find information you need, getting more done, with less effort.

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Workflow Management

Real-time workflow management, making day-to-day work easier, more transparent and efficient.

Intelligent Communication

A different approach to team communications: events and conversations side by side.

Centralized Content

Conversations are kept together with your content, so you'll spend less time using email.

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Dynamic Workflow Management:

  • The Time and Action Calendar helps you keep track of your responsibilities, letting you be proactive and keep the project on time.

  • Timereactions' unique predictive scheduling system allows you to easily configure consistent, updated workflow processes to keep your local or global teams on track.

  • Streamline communications:

  • Timereaction enables you to organize recurring conversations around a business topic, defined by the users, with the capability to involve internal and external participants.

  • Activity streams capture conversations that relate to unstructured business processes as participants collaborate to complete activities, due on different dates and times, organizing documents by threading them around each activity.

  • Centralized content management:

  • Are you working on the latest spreadsheet, or responding to the most recent email? Timereaction reduces errors by making sure everyone is working off of the same information.

  • Upload and stores your documents in your own personalized permission based folders, and keep track of changes using version control.